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What We Provide

Group Personal Trainings

The group sharing same goals and programs

One on One Personal Trainings

Trainings based on perional physical profile

In Home Trainings

Staff comes to client if they have a home gym or apartment complex gym.

Our Key Services

Have a look at our key collection of services

Weight Loss Program

Customized weight loss program client in calorie deficit and counting calories and micros.

Weight Gain Program

customized weight gain program client counts surplus calories and micros.

Flexibility Training

Customized program that helps client be more flexible and includes nine stretches that include split stretching, hamstring stretching, quads, glutei, triceps, biceps hips, shoulders and pectoral stretching.

Balance Training

- involves in doing exercises that strengthens clients muscles to help keep client upright including your legs and core. This kind of exercise can improve stability and prevents client from falling.

Strength Training

customized training focused on 1-6 reps with heavy weights and compound movements tracking rep, set and weight with the goal for client strengthening.

Coach Program

Typed up itinerary for client to follow on their own staff will assist as needed and modify program as needed.

Core Conditioning

Focus is on strengthening abdomen and torso and conditions abs and improves lower back.

Fitness Assessment

Client receives body fat composition, measurements, weight and blood pressure evaluated by staff.

Fat Loss Program

Focuses on reduction of extra fats to tone your body.

Strength training

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Focuses on working client’s heart and lungs.

Nutritional Supplements

Weight loss or gain supplements based on clients needs.

Customized Nutrition Program

This is a customized program designed for the client based on height, weight, and overall activity level and body fat composition.

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